"Portable soccer nets that children carry over their shoulder, put up and down themselves, then tuck under their bed at night, yet pro shots cannot break."

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FC London, Royal York FC, and Sarnia FC have all re-ordered Eznet57's for the third time!"

Now in California, Mississippi, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and Indiana.


West Toronto FC

"Purchasing 8 Eznets was one of our wisest decisions."

"All of our coaches have their own Eznets for training. This is our third year, and the Eznets look like day one."

"The customer service from Eznet is impeccable!" Christina - Administrator

"Selects Eznet as their Official travel/training net."


Haldimand FC

"Haldimand SC selects Eznet46 for U-6 Timbits coaches."

Africa on the ball

Winner- 2015 Football for Good International Impact Award Glenn Cummings – Director
"I am a great fan of the Eznet design."

Bradford FC

"Joins team with 6 Eznet46's"

Pickering FC

"Joins team with 18 Ezent46's and 4 Eznet57's"


"Innovation: significant positive change - a result - an outcome."


Andrew Maxwell Ph.D. Professor of Entrepreneurial Engineering Lassonde School of Engineering, Journal of Business:

"Eznet’s true innovation is its corner mold, with 3 U.S. patents. It works like a human elbow and turns a traditional light plastic net into an exo-skeletal system that absorbs and disperses professional shots or child impact. The polypropylene adds to its pliable character.

This innovation results in positive change that addresses these net issues: child trauma from goal post impact – child trauma, even death, from chin-ups - child trauma, even death, from projectile ricocheting - child trauma, even death, from mesh entanglement– weight and transport – assembly and disassembly – structure sustainability. An exo-skeletal design is an ideal application for a sports net."

Andrew Maxwell




Brent Selman: Duke University Men’s Hockey Coach : Carolina Hurricanes and Team U.SA. Instructor: Regional Outpatient Rehabilitation Manager: "We’ve had Eznets for 3 years in the backyard. Our children play with them all by themselves. For my wife and I, it is the peace of mind knowing that our children are completely safe on their own with Eznet, even if they run into it or try to hang off the crossbar or play inside the mesh, which has openings too small to get their head entangled."

Brent Selman


Vanessa Martinez Lagunas: Head Coach of the University of Manitoba Bison Women’s Soccer Team, UEFA Pro Coach, FIFA Instructor and Technical Expert: "We used 24 Eznets for the FIFA Live Your Goals Festival that was organized in Winnipeg in 2015. Since then I use Eznets at every practice. This is truly a simple, yet durable and practical design, that every coach and team will love."

Vanessa Martinez Lagunas


Ray Scapinello: NHL Hall of Fame Inductee: "I have known Tom and his Eznet since the inception of the Princess Margaret Road Hockey event. Tom has proven to be an honest family man, with limitless energy and honesty. My wife, Maureen and I, are proud to call Tom and his wife, Lynne, friends. Also, his Eznets are the best net I have ever seen. I have used them myself at our tournaments. They never wear out."

Ray Scapinello


Shawn Burt: Chief Hockey Officer - Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation 'Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer. "Tom and his Eznet team have been our partners since we started. Eznets are the only nets we have ever used. In over 4500 high-tempo adult games, we have never had an issue, not even a mesh tear. This product is second to none and the Eznet team has been incredible to work with."

Shawn Burt


Kevin Shea: Writer - Hockey Hall of Fame and author of 14 best-selling hockey books, including The Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club: Official Centennial Publication. "I am proud to call Tom and his family, Lynne, Cortney and Tiffanie, friends. I have known them over 6 years. As far as his Eznet, I can honestly say that it is the best road hockey net that I have ever seen or used. It is a new standard."

Kevin Shea


Ryan Mackie : CEO : Homeless World Cup Foundation – "We are proud to donate Eznets to our Partner countries worldwide. This is only possible thanks to the ingenuity of Tom’s creation and his generosity."

Ryan Mackie